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Changes in Gender
Identity in Hollywood Film

The lecture will analyze gender roles in Hollywood film and changes in how they are perceived by both individuals and the society at large, as well as the rejection of old and the establishment of new social norms, especially in male-female romantic and sexual relations and family life.

The lecturer is Krešimir Košutić, a film critic and editor at Croatian Cinema Journal.

Crucified lust - erotic
cosmogony of Kenji Mizoguchi

Tell me what is it that you desire? Kenji Mizoguchi’s cinematic legend sets in motion an unfolding strategy based on 24-jobs-per-erotic life of female protagonist in one of his works. With representative fragments we dissolve an acute angle of V-diagram of desire embodied by the crucified lovers in Mizoguchi’s spectacle of cruelty between two opposing axis of lust/aggressivity and salvation/self-destruction, provoking author’s axiom: sweet subjects must be treated bitterly, within the time from corporeal adventure to the cosmogony.

The lecturer is Tanja Vrvilo, a performance artist, film scholar and film curator.


Networking in the Film Industry (powered by Duart)

How important is networking in the film industry and what tools are required to get jobs? Having each of our jobs secure the next is ideal, but will that always happen? How do we reach more people, more collaborators and employers, new markets? Why is it important to be visible and how can we make sure we are if we are "not that type of person?" Networking is equally important for actors, editors, directors' assistants and location scouts. Why do we fear interviews, how do we overcome the fear of public speaking and why is all of this important?

In this masterclass, we will touch on practical exercises, examples and share personal experiences. Duart is an online service which helps you present and promote yourself and secure work on international projects.

The lecturer is Sanja Drakulić, an actress, a casting director and the owner of Duart.