Cherry Pop Festival Pan-Erotikum program

The Cherry Pop Pan-Erotikum is a unique interdisciplinary event that approaches sexuality from both an educational and artistic perspective. It provides a platform for open dialogue and exploration of human sexuality in all its facets. This program is complementary to the film program and it features a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, workshops, and artistic performances, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the festival theme – exploring the relationship between sexuality and sex work.

Through its inclusive and thought-provoking programming, the festival creates a space where individuals can engage in meaningful conversations about sexuality, breaking down barriers and promoting a more open and informed society.

Sex is communication, Cherry Pop is a space for conversation. Let’s talk!

Admission to all programs besides Erotic quiz is free!

1. Dance Performance: Where Sex Ends and Work Begins

Wednesday, 15.11. at 18 h, at corner of Massarykova & Preradovićeva, Zagreb

Why do we stigmatize people who are fighting for their fundamental right – the right to choose their own profession?

The dance performance explores the inner world of emotions and experiences that sex worker goes through in their daily life. Starting from the initial point, the professional facade of a ‘strong and seductive woman’ who, after a hard day at work, comes home to prepare for the next workday, to the submissive relationship with a pimp, and ultimately to the encounter with a client – the artists depict sex work as work! It is portrayed as a profession that, like many others, demands an emotional, mental, and physical determination to transcend the everyday and ultimately earn a living.

The performance is accompanied by a video installation of the same name exhibited in the Gallery KIC during the festival days.

Performed by Ela Kupres Đorđević, Robert Janđel and Fran Gamulin.

Admission to the performance is free. 

2. Erotic quiz by Mario Kovač

Friday, 17.11. at 19 h, at Ro & Do Club, Ilica 73/2, Zagreb

Erotic quiz by Mario Kovač at Cherry Pop Festival

This is the most exciting and unique quiz in this area, with one and only Mario Kovač.

What is needed?

  • A group of a minimum of three and up to four players
  • knowledge in domain of erotica
  • a sense of humor
  • a love for the game,
  • 2 euros per player. 

Laughter, tears, and erotica await you.

Reserving a spot is mandatory, so make sure you apply!

3. Intimacy Workshop: Imagination, Desire, Boundaries

Saturday 18.11. at 15 h, Pogon, Trnjanska struga 34, Zagreb

Intimacy workshop as part of Pan Erotikum at Cherry Pop Festival

This educational, interactive program is designed to enhance your understanding of intimacy and encourage passion and deeper connection within yourself and your partner.

The power of imagination in sex is often underestimated, and in this workshop, we want to get to know it, explore it, and finally – make it your friend.

Is it okay to fantasize about another person even though we are in a (good) relationship? Are we allowed to fantasize about someone who is not our partner? What if we fantasize about forbidden fruit, about older partners, about authority figures, about people with whom we are connected in very non-sexual ways? Where is the boundary of imagination, and in general – where is the boundary of sex? For some people, it is solid and impenetrable, for others, it is fluid and unstable.

What about desire, where does it come from, and why do some have more and some less? Where does desire disappear, and how do we awaken it? Can we manage it, do we know how to control it? And finally, but perhaps most importantly, why is it important to set boundaries in our relationships and sexual pleasure, and what do we get for ourselves?

This interactive and inclusive workshop explores the many-sided aspects of intimacy under the guidance of experts from the Center for Psychotherapy and Counseling, who, in addition to expertise, also provide a space for a safe conversation about sexuality.

Open yourself up to new experiences and work on your sexual health.

Entry to the program is free and you can come individually or in pairs. The workshop will be held in Croatian.

Hosts: Lana Hristov, Paula Zore, Feđa Hudina

Number of participants is limited, so don’t miss on the opportunity and apply now.

4. Roundtable Discussion: Regulation of Sex Work in Croatia

Saturday 18.11. at 18 h, KIC, Preradovićeva ul. 5, Zagreb

Roundtable about legalization of sex work in Croatia at Cherry Pop Festival 2023

In the EU, there is a growing interest in solving the sociological and legal issue of the regulation of sex work. Despite this, sex work is still largely a taboo topic in Croatia, and there are no indications of potential changes in the legislative framework, which has been in force since 1977, or political will to resolve this issue.

The aim of the discussion is to explore the potential implications, challenges, and benefits of regulating the sex work industry. Currently, there is an open discussion about the amendments to the Law on Offenses against Public Order and Peace, and a fight for a better status for sex workers is about to begin.

Also, we would like to encourage a concrete discussion regarding the approach to the problem – is sex work a form of gender violence or a job that is not legally and socially recognized?

The roundtable discussion will be in Croatian and will be recorded and published on our Vimeo channel.


  • Marija Antić, Ivo Pilar Institute
  • Mina, activist for the rights of sex workers, member of SWAN
  • Dana Budisavljević, director and producer

Moderator: Jerko Stjepanović, Festival Producer

5. After party

Saturday 18.11. at 22 h, Ro & Do Club,  Ilica 73/2, Zagreb

Admission to the after-party is free.

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