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Cherry Picking 1 - 2.6., 19h, Urania

Tales of Ugetsu

Kenji Mizoguchi (Japan)
In a civil war-torn Japan a peasant farmer and potter risks leaving his wife and young son behind to make money selling pottery and ends up being seduced by a spirit that makes him forget all about his family.

Cherry Picking 2 - 3.6., 19h, Urania

The Lady of Musashino

Kenji Mizoguchi (Japan)
In the immediate post-war era, Japanese traditions and morals decline. Tadao comes home drunk every night and has sexual relationships with students.

Cherry Picking 3 - 4.6., 15h, Urania

The Pleasure of Rope + Q&A with author

Bob Bentley (United Kingdom/Japan)
This feature documentary by director Bob Bentley explores the Japanese art of rope bondage and the people who practice it, sometimes obsessively. Kinbaku, also called Shibari, has origins in the medieval world. Almost forgotten, it has since been rediscovered in modern times, growing from a niche practice on the BDSM scene into a popular passion for many men, women and couples in Japan and throughout the West.