At a time when the right to life and the right to choose are topics of heated debate around the world, it is even more important to openly encourage dialogue about sexuality. Placing the focus of our criticism on social norms and changes can make us forget to question our own views.

Film is the perfect medium for exploring our inner world of emotions and encouraging discussion about an experience at once intimate and universal. Do you remember the first time you told someone you loved them? Sometimes you get anxious thoughts about not having the perfect body? You wonder whether sexual fulfillment can be found outside a relationship? Were you ever interested in trying out more extreme sexual fetishes?

Explore your thoughts, free up your emotions and, in the International Program of the first edition of Cherry Pop Film Festival, find out what filmmakers from more than 20 countries around the world have to say about sexuality.

In our Student Program, the Cherry Pop Film Festival brings you an overview of the best of regional student filmmaking, revealing that the subject that most often inspires the creative work of young filmmakers is, perhaps unsurprisingly, love.
Along with our two main competition programs, the Festival also features Cherry Picking. Each year the Cherry Picking program will bring audiences a selection of films from a particular nation all dealing with the subject of sexuality. In this inaugural edition of the Festival, our focus is Japan. We will be screening classic films by Kenji Mizoguchi, as well as a documentary focusing on Kinbaku – a practice that served as a blueprint for BDSM in Western culture.
The Festival’s cinematic program will be screened 2-4 June at the space of creation Urania in Zagreb and worldwide online.
In addition to the film program, two lectures will be given at the cultural center MaMa: Changes in Gender Identity in Hollywood Film and The Crucified Desire – Erotic Cosmogony of Kenji Mizoguchi; while a masterclass titled Networking in the Film Industry (powered by Duart) will be presented at the space of creation Urania.
Sex is an intimate experience, but one meant to be discovered together and shared, so join us on this journey of exploration and celebration of sexuality – come to the first Cherry Pop Film Festival.
Admission to all programs is free, but if you are unable to attend in person, you may watch the International and Student Program online on demand during Festival days.

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